Riga Technical University is the largest technological university in the Baltic States with rich history and clear future vision aimed at promoting excellence in student academic results, research, and global issues in cooperation with the industry and foreign partners. We believe that together we can make a better world.

Riga Technical University (RTU) was established in 1862 as a multi-discipline polytechnic higher educational establishment. It was devised following the model of the most advanced technical universities of that time – Zurich and Karlsruhe universities, and became a foundation that allowed Riga to develop into a remarkable industrial centre in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.

RTU has sustained its role in the education system of Latvia. Nowadays, RTU is accredited, internationally recognised European university that implements academic and professional study programmes of advanced quality. RTU has been highly evaluated by the international experts within the Institutional Evaluation Programme carried out by the European University Association (EUA), who recognised in their report  that strategically RTU is moving in the right direction on the way to becoming a modern university of the third generation.

RTU carries out research in the fields that are essential for the national economy of Latvia and educates and trains highly qualified specialists that are in great demand and competitive in the international labour market.

To provide the studies that meet contemporary quality requirements and ensure advanced research, at present RTU has been implementing construction of the joint territorial complex in Ķipsala, where modern academic and research premises are being gradually equipped and effective cross-disciplinary cooperation is being promoted. In order to facilitate accumulation of progressive ideas and development of creatively restless international environment, RTU attracts the best members of academic personnel and industry representatives from Latvia, as well as foreign specialists and students, in the implementation of the study process and research work.

To know. To be able. To create.

With such a slogan RTU welcomes the students to share with them the knowledge that is necessary to promote the development of Latvia and the entire world.

Science Six scientific research directions/platforms:
  • Energy and Environment,
  • Cities and Urban Development,
  • Information and Communication,
  • Transport,
  • Materials, Processes and Technologies,
  • Safety and Security.
Research capacity ensured by:
  • 415 researchers,
  • 30 laboratories,
  • Advanced infrastructure,
  • Innovation and technology transfer, cooperation with the industry.
Research publications in 2013:
  • in total indexed – 1160 RTU publications,
  • indexed in SCOPUS data base – 302,
  • indexed in ThomsonReuter data base – 90.
Patents in 2013:
  • 26 patents of the Republic of Latvia granted,
  • 26 European patent applications submitted.

Since 2008 till 2017, RTU has been involved in the implementation of 34 projects within the EU 7th Framework Programme (FP7).

In 2013 RTU in cooperation with the industry raised more than 900,000 EUR of research contract funding.