The Ambassador of Zimbabwe Visited RTU

The Ambassador of the Republic of Zimbabwe to Latvia Priscila Misihairabwi-Mushonga visited Riga Technical University (RTU) to discuss potential cooperation in the development of education and innovation.

The ambassador met with RTU rector Prof. Tālis Juhna, vice-rectors and the representatives of International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department. Mr.Tils Indāns, the third secretary of the Department of Middle East and African countries of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also visited RTU together with the ambassador.

During the meeting, the ambassador was introduced with RTU’s achievements in the field of studies and innovations, focusing especially on the involvement of students in the development of innovative projects and products, as well as future challenges. Introducing RTU, T. Juhna pointed out its strategic role in the transformation of the Latvian economy from a consumer to an innovation economy, developing new technologies and preparing highly educated engineers. Internationalization is also one of the most important priorities of RTU – more than 20% of students at RTU are foreign students, therefore the university is interested in strengthening international ties with an ever-expanding network of countries. By promoting international cooperation in the field of studies, science and innovation, RTU raises its competitiveness on a global level.

The ambassador was also interested in RTU’s experience in attracting students, including foreign students, and in international mobility. There are many young people in Zimbabwe, so it is important to use their energy and channel it into a useful direction, explained the ambassador. Opportunities to cooperate in the development of the study and innovation ecosystem, as well as the challenges faced by African students who want to participate in, for example, Erasmus programs, were discussed.

P. Misihairabvi-Mushonga also visited RTU Water Research and Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory.

RTU viesojas Zimbabves Republikas vēstniece