RTU receives visitors from the Karlovac Technical school, Croatia

During May 16-18 Riga Technical University (RTU) received visitors from the Karlovac Technical school (Croatia), who were here to represent their EU project – the Regional Centre of Competence “KaRijERA i JA” for technical vocational education.

The delegation consisted of 15 professors in technical areas of secondary vocational education and student mentors – entrepreneurs who work in technical fields. During the visit, the guests were involved in several learning and practical activities organized by the RTU Science and Innovation Centre, Lab House, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Aeronautics and the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications.

The Centre “KaRijERA i JA” aims to implement a pioneer way of educating secondary school students and adults by including entrepreneurs from the technical field and by involving more practice in the education system, including teacher training and implementation of modernized programmes. Therefore, the goal of the visit was to observe, gain knowledge and experience needed in order to use it in the establishment of their new vocational education modules that are adjusted to the needs of the contemporary job market.