Short Term Student Mobility Trip To The University Of Technology Troyes (UTT) In France

At the beginning of June, a group of 8 Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry students led by professor Andra Sutka went on an experience exchange trip to Troyes University of Technology (UTT) in France. During three days, the delegation was introduced to the infrastructure of the university, paying special attention to the teaching laboratories of chemistry and physics, as well as scientific groups and their workplaces.

“I am very glad that I had the opportunity to go on a trip to Troyes University of Technology as part of EUt+. I really liked that it was possible to visit the teaching laboratories and see that the material to be learned, at least in physics and chemistry, is similar. It encourages going on exchange semesters” said one of the students in the delegation. The delegation also had the opportunity to visit the clean rooms of UTT, which, considering the small size of the university itself, both in terms of students and area, are impressive. “I liked that the trip to Troyes was multifaceted – it was possible to see both classrooms and scientific facilities, as well as student interest clubs. Although the university is relatively small, it has large scientific laboratories with spacious clean rooms, which definitely help to raise the scientific level” admitted one of the doctoral students of the delegation.

One of the main events of the exchange trip was a scientific seminar dedicated to photonics, attended by outstanding scientists from all over Europe. In this seminar, professor Andris Šutka also gave a presentation on photochromic materials and their application. After the seminar, the doctoral thesis defense of the UTT doctoral student took place, which allowed us to observe how similar thesis defenses take place both in Latvia and in France.

Our students were also introduced to the daily life of students at UTT and various extracurricular activities available on the campus. In addition, our students also got to know the UTT students themselves, who will study an exchange semester at Riga Technical University in the fall. “I thought it was interesting to get to know the TTU students and talk about everyday life. We, RTU students, have the opportunity to gain experience in scientific work from the beginning of our undergraduate studies, whereas French students have this opportunity only from the beginning of their doctoral studies. I believe that we are a step ahead in this matter” one of the students of the delegation shared his knowledge.