Waste Management. Clearwater Technologies

In late July and early August, the RTU Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit, in cooperation with colleagues from the RTU Institute of Water Systems and Biotechnology, held a summer school “Waste Management. Clearwater Technologies”.

Twelve students from nine countries (Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, Mexico, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Uzbekistan) participated in the summer school. During two exciting weeks, from 25.07 to 05.08, the participants of the summer school looked at many topics in lectures and practical work, dedicated to the issues of drinking water, its distribution and storage, pollution, and purification.

The organizers of the summer school “Waste Management. Clearwater Technologies”, willing to provide students with a broader insight into the school’s subject matter, also provided educational tours in the companies. Students visited the company’s “Rīgas Ūdens” Baltezers pumping station and the Riga Water Supply Museum, went on an excursion to the sewage treatment station “Daugavgrīva”, and looked into the production process of the high-performance polymer pipe system at the company “Evopipes” in Jelgava.

Since no summer school can be imagined without entertainment and cultural events, the students of the summer school “Waste Management. Clearwater Technologies” were provided with a sightseeing tour of Riga both on foot and by water, an afternoon of water sports was organized, and a small hiking-expedition along Kurzeme seaside was held.

Summer school organizers want to say thank you to the companies “Rīgas ūdens” and “Evopipes” for supporting the summer school. Also RTU Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit would like to express thankfulness to the State Education Development Agency for providing 10 summer school participants with the Latvian state scholarship.