Summer School: Introduction in Deep Learning for Cybersecurity

In mid-July, RTU Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit launched the summer school “Introduction in Deep Learning for Cybersecurity”. For two weeks from July 18 to 29, students were introduced to deep learning methods that are being used in the cybersecurity field.

During summer school 15 participants from 10 countries (Germany, Poland, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Moldova, Spain, Greece, Serbia, France, and Romania) were able to acquire linear algebra and calculus, information theory, anomaly detection in network traffic, breaking image-based captchas using deep learning methods, and probability theory for cybersecurity-related tasks.

The organizers of the summer school specially designed the program so that the participants not only spent many hours in the auditoriums but also got to know Riga and Latvia. That is why the students were provided with a city tour to get to know Riga, a free day was planned in Koknese, where the participants discovered both the culture and traditions of Latvia, as well as the beauty of our nature, could test their courage in the adventure park “Mežakaķis”, as well as appreciate the beauty of the capital, going in the evening on a boat trip on the route Mežaparks – Ķīpsala.

Thanks to the State Education Development Agency 10 summer school participants received Latvian state financial support and received the opportunity to improve their knowledge in the field of cyber security and to get to know Riga and Latvia in person, in an exciting way.