Summer School: Fracture Structures: Material Stress Resistance

In the period from July 18 to 29, the RTU Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit together with specialists from the RTU Department of Theoretical Mechanics and Resistance of Materials conducted the summer school “Fracture Structures: Material Stress Resistance” for the first time.

Fifteen students from 13 different countries (Azerbaijan, Spain, Iran, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, India, Singapore, Mexico, Poland, China, Germany, Turkey, and Lithuania) participated in the summer school.

RTU Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit developed an interactive, practical approach-based summer school program that was tended on material durability, and their resistance to cracks, empirical determination of the effect of different coatings on the strength properties of materials.

During the summer school, participants had lectures and practical classes that allowed them to compare the endurance of materials such as wood, concrete, metal., etc. Besides the educational part, summer school included also industry field trips, which provided participants a unique chance to get an insight into material and product manufacturing processes, and also ensured an opportunity for students to have thorough discussions with industry professionals.

The summer school organizers provided the participants also with a wide range of cultural and leisure time activities so students can enjoy the summer while they are in Latvia. Students participated in the Riga Sightseeing tour on bicycles, discovered the capital of Latvia during a leisurely trip along the river Daugava, and spent memorable free days in Koknese where participants were able to get acquainted with Latvian culture and traditions, and experienced fun during a lot’s of free time activities. The participants of the summer school had the opportunity to test their own strength, endurance, and resilience in high-stress situations at the “Mežakaķis” adventure park in Riga.

We want to say thank you to companies Aerones, Gamechanger Audio, Knauf, Latvijas Finieris, Dores for helping our summer school happen. We greatly appreciate your support!

We would also like to express our gratitude to the State Education Development Agency, which provided 10 summer school participants with the Latvian state scholarships for participation.