Summer School: Introduction in Deep Learning for Cybersecurity

In mid-July, RTU Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit launched the summer school “Introduction in Deep Learning for Cybersecurity”. For two weeks from July 18 to 29, students were introduced to deep learning methods that are being used in the cybersecurity field.

During summer school 15 participants from 10 countries (Germany, Poland, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Moldova, Spain, Greece, Serbia, France, and Romania) were able to acquire linear algebra and calculus, information theory, anomaly detection in network traffic, breaking image-based captchas using deep learning methods, and probability theory for cybersecurity-related tasks.

The organizers of the summer school specially designed the program so that the participants not only spent many hours in the auditoriums but also got to know Riga and Latvia. That is why the students were provided with a city tour to get to know Riga, a free day was planned in Koknese, where the participants discovered both the culture and traditions of Latvia, as well as the beauty of our nature, could test their courage in the adventure park “Mežakaķis”, as well as appreciate the beauty of the capital, going in the evening on a boat trip on the route Mežaparks – Ķīpsala.

Thanks to the State Education Development Agency 10 summer school participants received Latvian state financial support and received the opportunity to improve their knowledge in the field of cyber security and to get to know Riga and Latvia in person, in an exciting way.

Summer School: Fracture Structures: Material Stress Resistance

In the period from July 18 to 29, the RTU Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit together with specialists from the RTU Department of Theoretical Mechanics and Resistance of Materials conducted the summer school “Fracture Structures: Material Stress Resistance” for the first time.

Fifteen students from 13 different countries (Azerbaijan, Spain, Iran, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, India, Singapore, Mexico, Poland, China, Germany, Turkey, and Lithuania) participated in the summer school.

RTU Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit developed an interactive, practical approach-based summer school program that was tended on material durability, and their resistance to cracks, empirical determination of the effect of different coatings on the strength properties of materials.

During the summer school, participants had lectures and practical classes that allowed them to compare the endurance of materials such as wood, concrete, metal., etc. Besides the educational part, summer school included also industry field trips, which provided participants a unique chance to get an insight into material and product manufacturing processes, and also ensured an opportunity for students to have thorough discussions with industry professionals.

The summer school organizers provided the participants also with a wide range of cultural and leisure time activities so students can enjoy the summer while they are in Latvia. Students participated in the Riga Sightseeing tour on bicycles, discovered the capital of Latvia during a leisurely trip along the river Daugava, and spent memorable free days in Koknese where participants were able to get acquainted with Latvian culture and traditions, and experienced fun during a lot’s of free time activities. The participants of the summer school had the opportunity to test their own strength, endurance, and resilience in high-stress situations at the “Mežakaķis” adventure park in Riga.

We want to say thank you to companies Aerones, Gamechanger Audio, Knauf, Latvijas Finieris, Dores for helping our summer school happen. We greatly appreciate your support!

We would also like to express our gratitude to the State Education Development Agency, which provided 10 summer school participants with the Latvian state scholarships for participation.

The Summer School «Nonlinear Life» Concludes Its Virtual Activity

On July 29, the virtual activity of the international summer school «Nonlinear Life» jointly organized by Riga Technical University and University of Bergamo (UniBg) in Italy had come to its end, gathering 50 students and young researchers from 16 countries and 27 faculty members and industry representatives from Austria, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Spain, Turkey and the USA. The virtual activity focused on new electronic devices and digital solutions for health care. At the end of August and the beginning of September, the summer schools will continue with two 1-week internships at the laboratories of UniBg and RTU.

By organizing this summer school, UniBg and RTU aim to help prepare specialists in inter-disciplinary fields, capable of not only developing high-tech products, but also successfully integrating themselves within the working environment of international companies and implementing different inter-disciplinary projects in a team. This year’s event is attended by 50 participants from 16 countries – Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA.

Rector of RTU Academician Leonīds Ribickis, Rector of UniBg Professor Sergio Cavalieri, the Ambassador of Latvia to Italy H.E. Mrs Solvita Āboltiņa and Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Italy in Latvia Mr. Luigi Giovinazzi gave speeches as part of the conclusion of the virtual activity of the summer school.

Speakers together with the event moderator – Vice-Rector for Internationalization of UniBg Professor Flaminia Nicora – gave an insight into the joint activities in studies, research and culture implemented by both universities, giving significant importance to the Latvian Embassy in Italy and the Italian Embassy in Latvia in the development of this cooperation.

During the speeches, both Rectors and the representatives of the diplomatic corps of both countries gladly acknowledged that there have been accomplished significant development gains during the institutional visits led by both Rectors in Bergamo (April 2022) and in Riga (July 2022).

During the visit in Bergamo, have been signed both the Memorandum of Understanding between both universities and the Patronage Agreement for the summer school «Nonlinear Life» between RTU, UniBg, the Embassy of Latvia in Italy and the Embassy of Latvia in Italy.

S. Cavalieri and F. Nicora, RTU 160th Anniversary celebration event on 1st July 2022 in Riga, Latvia. During the visit, the representatives of UniBg held a meeting with His Excellency Ambassador of Italy to Latvia Mr. Alessandro Monti, RTU Vice-Rector for Research Academician Tālis Juhna, Deputy Rector for International Academic Cooperation and Studies Prof. Igors Tipāns, and Project Manager of International Cooperation Unit Mr. Ēriks Badamšins.

«Nonlinear Life» is the summer school with an interdisciplinary approach on engineering themes related to human health, promoted by the Riga Technical University in collaboration with the University of Bergamo. This year the summer school reaches its 5th Edition: the first two took place in Riga, Latvia and the third in Trieste, Italy, both with successful participation of students from all over Europe. During the Covid-19 pandemic the 4th Edition was carried out in virtual (online) mode, with more than 70 participants from 17 different countries in Europe, Asia and South America.