Enhancing Self-Leadership Skills: EU-leadS Priority

On the 8th of April 2022, the International Projects Unit (IPU) of the International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department (ICFSD), RTU, joined 3 partner organizations from Spain and Italy. The objective of this Erasmus+ project « EU-leadS » lies in the sharing of innovative methods and approaches to foster the resilience and sustainable development of European SMEs. Therefore, the partners aim to provide a continuous training to entrepreneurs, aspiring ones as well as to trainers from different educational sectors. In order to exchange good practices on self-leadership, the project is organized according to the following activities:

1. Collection of inspiring practices, tools and testimonies enhancing entrepreneurial self-leadership;

2. Learning mobility in Spain, creation of national pilots and report of lessons learned;

3. Organisation of a multiplier event in Italy.

The activities of the EU-leadS project aim to focus on the technical skills and cognitive, emotional, social and relational dimensions of entrepreneurship. These aspects act like a springboard to enhance self-leadership skills among trainers, entrepreneurs, aspiring ones or any other professionals active for the enhancement of individual skills.

This project is coordinated by FacilitAscolto, an Italian association specialized in modern and ancient disciplines that preserve and develop personal care.

For more information about the project, please contact the International Projects Units of RTU : Lily Bethencourt (Lily.Bethencourt@edu.rtu.lv)