RTU As A Partner of EUt+ Promotes Empowerment Of Society And Woman Trought A New Erasmus+ Project GREENWORAL

Riga Technical University as a partner of The European University of Technology (EUt+) promotes empowerment of society and women through a new Erasmus+ project GREENWORAL – “Training and mentorship based adult rural women empowerment in the field of green entrepreneurship”.

Researchers from Cyprus, Spain, Ireland and Latvia have come together for this project with the aim to train adult women in rural areas in the field of green entrepreneurship. The project is led by the UPCT (Polytechnic University of Cartagena) and will start with a Kickoff meeting in the beautiful city of Cartagena on the 20th of June and will finish in September 2024.

The GRENWORAL project will enable rural women to have better access to education, entrepreneurship and decision-making processes and will provide new digital and green entrepreneurship skills to adult women in rural areas. The aim is to enable environmentally beneficial and financially profitable entrepreneurial and innovative activities. These initiatives will improve people’s lives and livelihoods, contribute to redressing gender imbalances in business and enable a balance between natural resource use and income maintenance in these areas, with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in mind.

Project will develop an innovative educational package that includes several activities, such as a mentoring programme to guide women who are willing to start their own green businesses as well as a green entrepreneurship toolkit to provide strategies and resources to any woman who wants to take the first steps with her business initiative and to provide them with knowledge on success factors, especially in rural areas.

The project involves four partners from the European University of Technology: Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), Technological University Dublin (TUD) and Riga Technical University (RTU). Also, the Association LIDERE (LID) from Latvia has been involved in the project for the empowerment and mentorship for the project participants.

During the Kickoff meeting from 20th to 21st of June, project participants met in UPCT to finally meet each other face to face and discuss the planned activities of the Project, timeline, administrative issues as well as the dissemination about the project, its website and other means of visual and social media communication.

For more information about the GREENWORAL project, please, contact the International Project Unit of RTU, Project manager Ieva Ziemele, Ieva.Ziemele@rtu.lv.