RTU Suspends Cooperation With Russian And Belarusian Universities

War in Ukraine started by Russian Federation and supported by Belarus has dramatically changed existing scientific and academic cooperation structure in Europe.

Riga Technical University in its March 28 Senate’s decision has expressed its support for the people of Ukraine:
“The RTU Senate expresses its support for the people of Ukraine (Україна) in the fight against the genocide perpetrated by the Russian Federation (Российская Федерация) against the people of Ukraine and condemns the war in Ukraine caused by the Russian Federation.
The RTU Senate expresses special support for students and teachers in Ukrainian educational institutions.”

In the same time, we feel inappropriate to continue any cooperation with universities of a country causing immense suffering of civil population and destroying education system of Ukraine, also a country supporting this aggression of the Russian Federation. Any agreements with universities of the Russian Federation and Belarus are suspended from April 5, 2022.