We Invite Ukrainian Students And Academic Staff Members To Continue Their Studies And Work, Which Were Interrupted Due To The War, At RTU

Riga Technical University (RTU) invites Ukrainian students and academic staff memebers who have to leave home due to the war started by Russia to continue their academic work in Latvia at RTU.

«RTU is an international university, we are tolerant of all nationalities, but by no means of an aggressive government, which allows genocide against an independent nation. We are together with the Ukrainian people, who are fighting for their independence,» says RTU Rector Leonīds Ribickis justifying the position of RTU.

We are waiting for Ukrainian students and academic staff members

RTU offers study places to Ukrainian students, and job opportunities to academic staff members so that they can continue their studies and research work, which were interrupted due to the war, in Latvia, RTU.

Students from Ukraine are admitted to RTU as mobility students on the recommendation of the Ministry of Education and Science. Those who are willing to continue at RTU their studies that were started in Ukraine, first, need to get acquainted with RTU study opportunities (https://international.rtu.lv/) in order to find a programme corresponding to their studies started in Ukraine.

Please send the application for studies to admission@rtu.lv.

In turn, questions from students and teachers about study and research opportunities will be answered by the Deputy Rector for International Academic Cooperation and Studies of RTU Igors Tipāns – igors.tipans@rtu.lv. In turn, this website (https://www.ukraine-latvia.com/) provides general information on where and what support and assistance refugees from Ukraine can receive in Latvia.

Accommodation at RTU

RTU offers refugees accommodation in its hostels, where several immigrants have already settled. In order to live in RTU service hotels, refugee status must be applied for.

To find out about accommodation opportunities, please write to dana.smutova@rtu.lv.

RTU support

Since 24 February, when Russia started the war in Ukraine, RTU has been offering both practical support to its international students from Ukraine and to Ukrainian refugees who entered Latvia after the beginning of the war.

In order for the Ukrainian refugees to receive financial support, RTU Development Fund has started collecting donations, inviting RTU employees, students and cooperation partners to donate funds to Ukrainian students and academic staff members. The donations will be used to provide financial support to the Ukrainian refugees in order to cover their daily expenses and to start studies and work in Latvia. It is also planned that RTU Development Fund, together with its cooperation partners, will offer Ukrainian students paid internships in the summer period.

Twenty international students from Ukraine are already studying at RTU, and starting from March, RTU will award them scholarships so that the students can live and study in Latvia when there is the war in their homeland. In individual discussions with the students, the personal needs of each person are identified in order to be able to help accordingly.

RTU has sent letters to its 13 partner higher education institutions in Ukraine, as well as to the Embassy of Ukraine in Latvia, offering the opportunity for Doctoral students of partner higher education institutions to continue their research work, which was interrupted due to the war, at RTU.

Since 1 March, the Ukrainian flag has been flying in RTU campus in Ķīpsala. It was raised in solidarity with Ukraine and to express support for its struggle for land and independence.

Apply For Erasmus+ Scholarship For Traineeship

Would you like to gain work experience, improve your professional skills and employability? Would you like to feel 100% ready for labour market after your graduation from university? Apply for Erasmus+ scholarship for traineeship until March 31 and do a traineeship, for example, this summer or up to one year after your graduation from RTU.

Fill the online application at OutgoingExchange.rtu.lv, adding your CV, transcript of records and write a motivation letter.

There are several Erasmus+ traineeship types:

1) mandatory traineeship, in case it is planned in your RTU study plan;

2) voluntary traineeship, for example, in summer;

3) recent graduate traineeship within one year after graduation from RTU (applying for scholarship while still a student).

Minimum traineeship period is 2 months, maximum 12 months – counting together traineeship mobilities and study exchange mobilities. After graduations students can do a traineeship up to 6 months within one company, several traineeships are possible.

The maximum traineeship scholarship currently for can reach 850 EUR/month.

Useful information about Erasmus programme is available here: http://ej.uz/ErasmusMobility.

In case of any doubts, contact coordinator Ms Inga Riharda via Inga.Riharda@rtu.lv.

Meet RTU at RTU Open Day

International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department of Riga Technical University is pleased to invite prospective international students to A Virtual RTU Open Day 2022,which will take place on Tuesday, March 8, at 3:00 PM (Helsinki GTM +2), aiming to take you to a journey through a whole study experience taking place at RTU Ķīpsala Campus – the most modern engineering study center in the Baltic States.

Register in advance for this webinar:


Participants of RTU Open day will have opportunity to meet our international admission team members, who will introduce you to RTU study offer and explain admission requirements.

RTU International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department is the university’s structural unit, which has been working with international students coming from all around the world for more than 25 years. Our international community gathers 4009 foreign students (full-time and exchange) representing 104 countries. International students can choose from a wide range of courses taught in English within 57 study programs – international.rtu.lv.

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Statement from Deputy Rector, professor Igors Tipans

Dear international students of Riga Technical University,

Today we express solidarity with people of Ukraine in its dark hour, heroically fighting with Russian invaders. More than 30 years ago in similar meetings in Stockholm, Copenhagen and elsewhere friends of the Baltic countries supported our willingness to live in a free and democratic society. Now it is our turn to defend willingness of Ukrainian people to be free, to defend their democratically elected structures against a brutal military force.

Many of us have friends in Ukraine, in Universities of Ukraine. There are Ukrainian students at the RTU. We will support them by all available means.

In the same time we are safe in Latvia as a member of the NATO and the European Union. As NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that “Russia’s attack on Ukraine has shattered peace in Europe … the alliance would defend “every inch” of its members’ territory”.

For us it means that people in Latvia can feel safe – just as people in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France or any other NATO member state.

There are no worries of financial or energy shortages. Latvia produces large part of electricity needed, and we have sufficient gas reserves for this year. Latvia is a part of the Eurozone.

In the same time the EU air space is closed for Russian planes, and students coming to the RTU should be careful with the selection of their flight route.

Today most of the classes have started in physical mode. I truly hope that we have very efficient semester and we will be able to solve problems created by Covid.

I wish you all the best.

Be safe!


Professor Igors Tipans

Deputy Rector, International Cooperation and Studies