Independence of Latvia celebrated in Ankara

On November 16th, RTU Information and Study Centre in Turkey (Ankara) represented by RTU International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department representatives, Natalja Muracova and Elina Peina in cooperation with the Nish Global Education and the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia organized the event devoted to the 103rd anniversary of Independence Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia. The importance of education, strong diplomatic relations and international partnership was emphasized in the event.

The institutions and managers of the Turkish education community as well as the Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia joined us. Among the participants there were the President of the Turkish Education Council, the President of the Sinav Education Institutions, the Deputy Chairman of the Nesibe Aydın Educational Institutions and the Ankara Education Platform President, the General Manager and Founder Representative of Maya Schools, the General Manager of the National Education Foundation, the General Manager of the Başkent University Ayşe Abla Private School.

There were also the General Manager of the Ankara University Development Foundation Private Schools, the General Manager of the Turkish Education Association, the General Manager of Modern Educational Institutions, the Manager of Ari Schools, the Founder of Vizyon College, and many prominent educators and managers of the education community. Before and after the event the important protocols for further cooperation development were signed with most of the aforementioned schools.