European Culture and Technology Lab+ Kicks-Off the ‘Thinking Human First’ Seminar Series

The roundtable discussion of the first seminar will focus on the question of ‘Thinking’ in the statement ‘Think Human First’. The question of what does it mean to think (human first) has become urgent with the growth of AI and social networking platforms and the immanent nature of climate change. There is an inherent tension within the statement to “think human first”, which on the one hand implies recentring technological development on human(ity), such as ethical and societal implications of technology, on the other it implies that a privileging the human (anthropocentrism) has led to the climate disaster (Anthropocene). The panel will set out to pose the question of ‘thinking’ in the 21st Century.

Date and time: Thursday the 29th of April, 17:00 CET – 18:30 CET

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