RTU Foreign Students in Latvia’s Labor Market During the Summer Holidays

International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department (ICFSD) at Riga Technical University (RTU) is not only in charge of provision of tertiary education in cutting-edge technologies and engineering taught in English that meets the needs of the global labor market, it also fosters foreign students involvement in Latvia’s labor market during the summer holidays.

12 foreign students from India and Ghana are employed by the strawberry grower “Lubeco”, which has been possible thanks to the persistent efforts of ICFSD. This is a great way to make students get acquainted with Latvian nature and culture, enhance their experience outside engineering studies and give contribution to harvesting. We would like to highlight that foreign students (all study levels) are eligible to work full-time during the summer holidays in Latvia.

Drawing on good performance and positive attitude towards work shown by RTU international students, the owner of strawbery grower “Lubeco” is recruiting 5 more international students. If you are interested, and would like to acquire more in-depth information about this job opportunity, please contact Mr. Aleksandrs Tartinskihs, Career counsellor of ICFSD via e-mail Aleksandrs.Tartinskihs@rtu.lv.