New master’s study programme “Cybersecurity Engineering”

Riga Technical University is offering new master’s study programme “Cybersecurity Engineering” implemented by RTU structural units – Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications.

Technological and academic support for the program is provided by Palo Alto Networks and Check Point Software Technologies, granting access to their virtual infrastructures, cyberfields, computer networks, training materials, guest lectures, as well as teacher and student certification training on current cybersecurity technologies and approaches.

The mission of the academic master’s study programme “Cybersecurity Engineering” is to provide a set of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for students to achieve competencies corresponding to a Master’s degree in cybersecurity engineering. In the academic Master’s studies, the student acquires the necessary knowledge, skills and competence for comprehensive and effective action in the field of cybersecurity engineering in the chosen economic sector – design, implementation, improvement and management of IT security systems, understanding of professional ethics and socially responsible management, which forms the basis for further studies for a higher level of knowledge and skills acquisition. The role of a cybersecurity specialist in organizations and companies is to manage security solutions, advise users and provide expertise in IT security issues. The implementation of these tasks requires a wide range of knowledge, including security and security management of computer networks, software, integrated systems, and critical infrastructures.

The aim of the study programme “Cybersecurity Engineering” is to prepare top level specialists in cybersecurity who can:

1) understand and develop the cybersecurity policy of companies and various organizations as well as public space;

2) design, implement, monitor and proactively develop cybersecurity measures;

3) conducting international research in cybersecurity; and

4) continue education for professional development or in doctoral studies.

Programme details:

  • Intake: Autumn
  • Commecement date: 14 September, 2020
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Fees: EU citizens – 3500 EUR, Non-EU citizens – 3800 EUR

Additional information on the study programme and admission requirements are available HERE!