New professional master’s study programme “Design Engineering”

Riga Technical University is offering new interdisciplinary professional master’s study programme “Design Engineering” implemented by the Institute of Design Technologies!

Today’s young practitioners work in an environment where design is crucial to competitive business and the demand for high-quality design in society is growing, along with the increasing role of latest technologies in every industry and aspect of life.

The interdisciplinary study program Design Engineering for obtaining a professional master’s degree in design engineering is based on scientific discovery, the latest technologies and materials creative application in design project solutions to meet user needs, taking into account functional, aesthetic, environmental safety, sustainability and production requirements.

The aim of the professional master’s study programme is to provide and develop students’ professional, managerial, creative and research competencies in the two programme variants:

Design preparing master’s level specialists who create new products, manage and supervise the development of design projects in line with spatial environment, communication and / or service design projects, specializing according to the needs of industries. Formulates and critically analyses design and interdisciplinary scientific and professional problems. Make informed decisions and take responsibility for the potential environmental and societal impacts of the activities (including research or professional activities) of the project development team or company under management. Assume responsibility for the fulfilment of the requirements of the legal norms of employment, international and national regulatory documents for the protection of labour and environment. Forecasts the advancement directions of the industry and integrates knowledge, technologies and methods of various fields in the development of design solutions; contributes to the creation of new knowledge and the development of research or professional activity methods. Collaborates with various stakeholders in a cross-sectoral and international environment.
Clothing and Textiles Design and Production preparing master’s level specialists who plan, organise and manage the production processes, accounting and logistics of the products, either individually or by managing one or more teams in parallel. Contribute to the development of company’s quality management system. By systematically analysing information on the development trends, standards of the textile industry and integrating the knowledge of different fields, new garment pattern making, modelling, technological process improvement and / or design concepts, methods and / or experimental models are designed and implemented. Work on introducing new products into production. Define the principles of working time standardization in production, develop and implement company-level standards, analyse production productivity and lead to changes in work efficiency. Understand and drive the development of textile industry and related areas.
The study program pays great attention to project-oriented studies and the acquisition and use of computer-aided design skills for the interpretation of commercial and technical information, transformation into technological solutions and business networks.

Programme details:

  • Intake: Autumn
  • Commecement date: 14 September, 2020
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Fees: EU citizens – 3500 EUR, Non-EU citizens – 3800 EUR

Additional information on the study programme and admission requirements are available HERE!