Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership project called WeLearn

The project started on September 1st, 2019 and it is coordinated by Tampere University, Finland. Project consortium consists of total of 6 higher education institutions from Finland, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Turkey and Latvia.

WeLearn is about intercultural communication and neighbourness learning. Neighbourness is a concept of living and learning together. This includes the essential human virtues, such as being friendly, empathetic, helpful, compassionate and respectful. In EU, due to freedom of movement and exchange programs, university classes are increasingly diverse and it its very often, when learning environment and effective collaboration between students and teachers is affected by dialogue challenges due to this cultural and national differences.

WeLearn focuses on diversity and seeks to promote skills such as intercultural communication inboth face-to-face and online environment and to promote neighbourness in diverse university communities. The main goal of the project is topromote dialogue to foster neighbourness by developing a dialogue skills training tool kit and training different stakeholders.

During the next three years project partners will be working together to:
1) Promote dialogue within a diverse university learning environment
2) Support the use of social technologies and methods e.g. storytelling
3) Produce knowledge on aspects of pedagogical approaches and personality

The main function of RTU, as for technical university, will be developing the Culture test mobile application for project together with experts from the Faculty of E-Learning Technologies and Humanities. RTU has also decided that WeLearn courses will be distributed between the Faculty of E-Learning Technologies and Humanities and The Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management courses. As well RTU has received the honor to hold the final project conference in Riga. The International Projects Unit is determined to work hard to achieve the best outcomes during the whole project.