The Lovely Panda & Fun With Paper-Cut Cultural Lecture

On October 26, 2018, Riga Technical University Chinese Corner hosted the Lovely Panda & Fun with Paper-cut cultural lecture for Riga State 3rd Gymnasium high schoolers and RTU students of Chinese language.

During the cultural lecture, Chinese volunteer teacher Tang Yunxin introduced to the students the Chinese national treasure – panda – in terms of location, diet, population, protection policy, significance etc. While introducing pandas, teacher also taught Chinese words related to the topic. In a relaxed and inspiring way students learned the pronunciation, writing and character meaning of such words as “panda”, “bamboo”, “black” and “white”, as well as the courtesy names of the present students. Students were highly interested in learning. In the award-winning quiz session everyone responded positively. All the participants got small presents for their hard work. After introducing pandas, the volunteer teacher also explained Chinese paper-cut art and made the lovely panda put on the auspicious red dress. The students were very fond of it and could not wait to experience Chinese paper-cut themselves.

After the lecture students shared their thoughts and emotions with the teacher expressing deep interest in Chinese language and Chinese culture. Hopefully there would be more opportunities to experience colourful Chinese culture.